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Totally Blasted

Tauranga’s Multi-Media Blasting and Coating Specialists

We are locally owned and operated in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty. Our state-of-the-art Multi Media Blast gear is 100% mobile meaning we can travel all around New Zealand. We specialise in Multi Media Blasting (Garnet, Soda, Walnut Shell & Glass Bead) and Coating systems. Totally Blasted’s main focus is specialised concrete finishes and swimming pool refurbishments. But there is a lot more we can do – just ask!

Who we are

Roger Bryan Project & General Manager

Roger has 20+ years in the Blasting and Coatings Industry. Working for companies such as Dulux has given him a unique understanding of different products and systems and how they can work to benefit the task at hand in the best way possible. Roger also has numerous years’ experience working for various blasting companies – from super yachts to truck chassis, he has seen and done it all (with countless of t-shirts to prove it).

Gemma Trueman Administration & Operations Manager

Gemma is a bit fresher faced in the industry. With extensive administration experience from childcare through to construction, Gemma is a quick learner and has the company’s best interests at heart. You will even catch her behind a paint brush from time to time.

Together, with a few other staff scattered here and there, Roger and Gemma aim to bring you a well-oiled company to make your project as easy and stress free as possible.

Our gear

Blast Pot

Manufactured by Schmidt Abrasive Blasting, we run a M31 Multi-Media Unit. It is designed to be used with a broader range of abrasive media than a typical blaster, including sodium bicarbonate, aluminum oxide, plastic, glass beads, crushed glass and even steel grit.

It has features to allow for blasting at high or low pressure, as well as features for improved abrasive flow and flow control. These include a pressure regulator to reduce blast air pressure when working with delicate objects, full pressure bypass for working with tougher applications and differential pressure control for enhanced operation when blasting with lightweight abrasives.

A media vibrator and the built-in efficiency of the Schmidt 90° cone bottom assist with smooth flow of abrasive, regardless of media type.

Check out the introductory video on YouTube  


In March 2018 we purchased our first Compressor – Chicago Pnuematic’s CPS 11.0. The CPS 11.0 is built for demanding construction and maintenance applications. Perfect for surface drilling, abrasive blasting and ice blasting, this compressor also excels in road work and shotcrete pumping.

It is one of the best compressors on the market and will allow us to reach so much more of New Zealand!

Multi-Media Blasting

Totally Blasted uses a range of different media materials, tailored to your specific project, to ensure you get the final result you are after. These are only a few of our favourites. If you would like to know more about the products we use and if they will suit your project, please contact us.

Sand (Garnet) Blasting

Garnet is a tough, durable grain that allows reduced material usage at minimum levels.


Abrasive blast cleaning, concrete etching, corrosion and rust cleaning


Cheapest of all media so can cover a larger area for a smaller cost than Soda, Glass Bead or Walnut Shell

Soda Blasting

100% Food Grade Sodium Bicarbonate.


Can remove a number of materials from surfaces such as steel, aluminium, wood, sheet metal, brick, concrete, granite, chrome, glass and fibreglass.


Environmentally friendly – can be washed down drains for reduced clean up time. Cost Effective.

Wallnut Shell Blasting

Made from crush shells of walnuts.


Polish & clean metals, fiberglass, stone, wood and plastics. Is also effective at deburring products from mouldings, castings and electrical works. Mostly used in the automotive and aircraft industries.


Natural product that is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Glass Bead Blasting

Glass sandblasting beads have become the leading fine abrasive, in the impact sandblasting process, for cleaning, finishing and shot peening.


Metal cleaning, finishing, peening and deburring


Rapid and controlled results – doesn’t affect the substrate as much as Garnet.

What we do

Swimming Pool Refurbishments

Fibreglass and Concrete Pools will look like new again once were done with them. Using either Garnet or Soda, we will blast away any unsound material and provide a warrantied coating to give your pool a fresh look. Either with LuxaPool’s or Cotec’s Epoxy Pool Paint.

LuxaPool Epoxy Colour Chart  

Swimming Pool Edging Systems

Complete your pool refurbishment with a fresh edging system. This is a rubberised coating system that is applied to the exterior paving area around your pool. It is a non-slip system and comes in a variety of colours. It will freshen up the whole look of your pool area and provides a safety solution on the immediate pool edge.

LuxaPool Edging System Colour Chart  

Specialised Concrete Finishes

Whether you want a wood look finish, acid wash finish, or etching carried out on your concrete, we can do it all. Working with your designer we will take care of everything. See our gallery for photos on a couple of larger projects we have completed.

Industrial & Commercial Coating Systems

Whether it’s the garden shed or a large, commercial building that needs a repaint – we’re your team! With our access to specialised coating systems, we can ensure you get the best coverage for the best price in the colour scheme of your choice.

We also cover intumescent coating systems and specialised steel coating systems to ensure your new build meets all standards and compliance codes.

Other – By Request

If you are unsure if we do a specific task, please do not hesitate to ask. Chances are, we can!

Compressor For Hire!

400 CFM Chicago Pnuematic CPS 11.0

Our compressor is on a single axle trailer so ready to go where ever you need it. Click on the PDF link below to find out more about the compressor itself and to see if it is going to benefit the work you are carrying out.

Compressor Specifications  


  • Daily Hire - $260.00 + GST
  • Weekly Hire - $980.00 + GST
  • Monthly Hire - $3,200.00 + GST
  • Two Months or more - POA
  • Pick Up & Drop Off - POA

T’s & C’s Apply.

Email us now for more information or to book!

Our suppliers

Here are just a few of the trusted Suppliers and Brands we buy from to ensure we have the best of the best for our projects.

luxa pool paint Cotec paint GMA abrasive blasting Armex soda blasting Air compressors linkup paint solutions Schmidt abrasive blasting equipment Chicago pneumatic compressors hayden

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